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This website grew from a personal project listing the best and most useful Python libraries, packages and frameworks. While pypi is a great resource, it requires packages to be published, and in many cases I wanted to save code-only repos or perhaps Jupyter notebooks.

If you see a useful repo missing, please create an issue on GitHub and I will add it!

Data for all the libraries is available for you to use: Hugging Face Dataset, github_data.json or github_data.csv, Github

Some repos are hidden in the default view, you can see the entire list here

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Criticallity Score

The "Score" column value for each repo is loosely based on the OpenSSF criticality score calculation and adapted to highlight both highly starred repos and repos that are trending.

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Contact and Feedback

If you want to contact me, hit me up on GitHub or LinkedIn. Feedback (positive or negative) is welcome ☺